A Liar or just incompetent?

A Liar or just incompetent?

I am referring to the so called journalist, who recently penned an article in a national newspaper; headlined ‘ Buyers and Builders Reject The Bungalow.’

I can accept that developers/builders would prefer to build a block of flats on a plot on which a bungalow might be built, as the profit would be significantly higher. However, to state as fact that Bungalows are no longer in demand is evidently ridiculous. The author of this article is either incompetent or has been influenced by vested interests.

When a couple decide to move from their family home, perhaps a substantial house, the majority of people choose to then buy a bungalow as this enables them to maintain their independence, privacy and enjoy their own garden. Some years later, the next step after this might be to move to a flat, when they can no longer maintain their garden and would value the improved security of living in a flat.

Bungalows have never been in such demand and there is no sign whatsoever that this popularity is to decline in the foreseeable future.

This is why bungalows have proven, in recent years, to be such a rewarding investment.