Credit where credit’s due…

Credit where credit’s due…

I am known for being the first to complain when I receive poor service, but I always like to voice my thanks when service exceeds my expectations.

Yesterday I took delivery of a wide angle lens that I had purchased via Amazon (excellent service).

Imagine my disappointment when I found that the new lens would not fit my camera.

Last night at 20.00 I sent an email both to Amazon and to the manufacturer in China.

Imagine my delight when the Chinese firm in question, K & F Concept, replied to my email at 03.50 just 8 hours after I had brought my problem to their attention.

They immediately tendered their apology and offered to supply me free of charge with an adaptor ring which will enable me to fit their lens to my camera.

How could any company provide a better service.

British companies will need to offer this level of service if they are to compete in international as well as national markets.