Every home needs one…

Every home needs one…

EP1080077-298x300very home needs one…

Every home needs access to a Handyman.

In every home, at least every home I’ve ever lived in, there have always been little jobs that need doing. Perhaps, a door that sticks or a tap that drips, a couple of slates that need replacing or a dark 3rd bedroom that could do with painting a lighter colour.

The trouble is that we don’t necessarily have the time or the skill to rectify these problems ourselves.

May I therefore introduce you to The Bungalow Centre’s new Handyman… Dave.

Dave has been a handyman for many years and his slogan is ‘No Job Too Small’ and you will be pleased to hear that when employing his services there is no call out charge. He merely charges for the time he spends at your home, together with any materials he has needed to supply.

Any and all of our clients now have access to our new handyman, Dave who has been helping residents in this area for many years.

If you would like to speak to Dave about any job that needs doing at your bungalow then please just call our team on 01202 582460 and we will be happy to effect an introduction.