If it looks to good to be true…

If it looks to good to be true…

indexIf it looks too good to be true…

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could sell your home for around £700, rather than pay an estate agent a typical fee of £3,000.

I am referring to the many web based agents such as Purple Blocks and Twopillos. Many of the customers who sign up with these Internet Agents are not aware of the fact that they will have to pay the agreed fee even if no buyer is found for their property!

Naturally, as the owner of The Bungalow Centre I have a vested interest in persuading you that no web based Agency will offer you the service that you require if you want:-

  • The Best Possible Price for your bungalow. This is guaranteed due to the fact that we have so many more buyers for bungalows. Usually we have between 400 and 600 bungalow buyers.
  • Speedy Sale (if required) Often after just 6 viewings . However, we work to your timescale so if you don’t want to move for a few months that we will find a buyer who will be happy to go along with your plans.
  • Stress Free Sale Our 23 years experience means that we have the expertise to help you with all negotiations relating to surveys, completion dates, chain progressing etc. Moving doesn’t have to be stressful if you have the right agent in your corner.

What you want to consider is that paying a typical £3000 fee to us does NOT reduce the net proceeds of your sale. I fact, quite the opposite is true.

We would expect to realise a sale price for you that is many thousands of pounds higher than the price that can be obtained by an Internet Agency (or, for that matter, a general estate agent) because we always have so many bungalow buyers; whereas web or general estate agents would be lucky to have half a dozen buyers for bungalows.

So, if it looks to good to be true, then it generally is too good to be true!

Pay the higher fee and get the price and the service that you are entitled to expect.