What a promising start to the year…

What a promising start to the year…

Over the past 25 years, since my wife, Kim and I started our company, some years we have seen the market go off like a rocket in January and other years it has crawled off the line like a snail.
This year we seem to be making a pretty good start, with more bungalows coming on to the market and buyers coming out of hibernation; slightly grumpy and still abit sleepy.

However, many industry professionals believe that property prices are soon going to start a gradual downward trend, largely because the significant rises we have seen in recent years are unjustified and are therefore hardly sustainable.

Kim and I have been considering moving for a few years now… you know the type… we talk about moving but don’t bite the bullet and actually do the deed.

This year we have definately decided to find a new home as we don’t want to get left behind when property values start their downward spiral.

At last, we are actually putting our money where our mouth is.