Should you be tempted by cheap internet based agents?

Should you be tempted by cheap internet based agents?

If you sell your bungalow via an Internet estate agent you will probably pay them approximately  £895 which represents a saving of over £2000 if you has sold through a conventional high street agent. Remember the old adage “If it looks too good to be true, then it usually is!”

The trouble is with Internet based agents like Purple Bricks or House Simple, you are legally committed to paying them their full fee, whether they sell your bungalow, or not! So you could end up paying them around £1000 and have nothing to show for it. It just depends how much of a gambler you are…

And then there’s the price we can get for you… Our team, here at The Bungalow Centre, have combined experience of over 80 years at selling bungalows in this part of teamDorset and we are absolutely confident that we can get a better price for your bungalow than any general estate agent can, let alone an Internet based company.

This week we agreed a sale on a bungalow that Purple Bricks had been marketing for many months. We had suggested to the owner that he should raise his ‘asking price’ and we then sold it for the full amount on the very first day of marketing the bungalow in question.

The reason for our confidence is quite simple… every buyer who registers with us is looking for a bungalow, not a house or a flat. So our computer database will normally contain around 400-600 buyers, whereas a typical estate agent us unlikely to have more than half a dozen.

We have become expert at negotiating and this is particularly necessary when issues arise after the sale has been agreed. We recently were involved in a chain of sales in which we asked an Internet based agent to renegotiate with his client a slight drop in price which would allow us to proceed to an exchange of contracts. He was unwilling to do so and therefore the chain fell apart, causing considerable distress to all parties concerned. The Internet agent couldn’t be bothered to do what he was asked because he was being paid his fee regardless of whether the sale completed or not… so why should he care?

Naturally, as the owner of The Bungalow Centre, I have a vested interest in persuading you to use our services rather than that of an Internet baJohn1-150x150sed agency. It all depends on how much of a gambler you are and whether you are prepared to carry the stress on your shoulders, or you let our experienced team smooth your path through the inevitable problems that arise when selling your home. We have 25 years experience as Bungalow Specialists.

Let our experienced team help you when the time comes to sell your bungalow.