We’ve Won The Lottery…

We’ve Won The Lottery…

A friend of mine has a saying that really sums up my attitude to being British. Robert says “We Won the Lottery, being borne in this country.”

ChildYou only have to look at the terrible poverty, famine and war that devastates so much of our planet to fully appreciate how right Robert is with his assessment of how lucky we are to have been borne in this country of ours.

There is of course considerable hardship in this country; suffered by a small minority of our fellow citizens but, generally speaking we don’t see in the UK, the deprivation that affects vast swathes of our world.

Man’s inhumanity to man has been a problem all throughout recorded history but let’s hope that one day, love will prevail and we will all be able to live together in peace and harmony… not in my lifetime but hopefully this will come about in the foreseeable future.

John Nixon. Founding partner, The Bungalow Centre