What our BRAND means to us

What our BRAND means to us

personal-branding-discoveryWhat our BRAND means to us…

Many people believe that a Brand is a fancy logo or a catchy phrase, or that most awful of inventions ‘a Mission Statement!’

For me a brand is something that runs much deeper than that – the best way that I have heard it described is as a promise. For example, if you buy a can of Heinz beans, you know what you are getting and they deliver every single time. It is the same with Innocent smoothies and companies like Apple, Google and Nike.

These companies have a promise and they align the three main parts of their business – culture, product or service and reputation – around it. From who they hire, to the service they provide, to what people say about them – everything is in line with the brand promise.

I find myself unable to define Our Brand Promise in just a few words. But, perhaps these phrases will help you to understand the principles that drive us and what makes us tick.

  • Endeavouring to provide a happy, stress free experience
  • The feeling that we are working with your interests at heart
  • Our determination to help you find the right bungalow for YOU.
  • To negotiate a happy outcome for all parties
  • To put your interests above our own, at all times.

For the past twenty-three years we have observed these principles as our guiding light.

It is for this reason that my wife and I are so proud of the our Team and the company that we started in 1992.

John Nixon (Senior Partner)