Which qualities does a good negotiator really need in order for them to excel?

Which qualities does a good negotiator really need in order for them to excel?

If you ask most people this question they will say something like “they need to be good at dealing with people.” Well, as the owner of The Bungalow Centre our recruitment and training programme go a great deal further than this.

Of course an estate agent needs to have empathy and have a genuine desire to do everything possible to help his customers… but this alone is just not enough.

It goes without saying that our team members need to excel at doing their absolute best to help our customers to achieve their objectives but, in order to do this they have to possess the core skills which enables them to do this.

They need to be expert negotiators and good listeners, (more so than good talkers). They need to have sufficient knowledge about buildings and property in order to help their customers with survey reports. Also, to understand the conveyancing process that we are stuck with in England (you’d better not get me started on that subject). The ability to provide an accurate idea as to the market value of a bungalow.

There are, regrettably, many people in estate agency who have ‘people skills’ but very few who also have the other, essential skills to be able to provide you with an expert, professional advice relating to your sale or purchase of your bungalow.

Charlie Goddard, pictured above, joined our team with a wealth of sales experience and has soaked up a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in the years that she has been with us.

To recognise her invaluable contribution to our company, Charlie has recently been promoted to the position of Senior Sales Negotiator. She is here, reading, willing and able to help you with all your Bungalow needs. Call her on 01202 582460 and put her abilities to the test.