Wouldn’t this put a smile on your face

Wouldn’t this put a smile on your face

93percentWouldn’t this put a smile on your face?

An incredible 93% of our clients said that when we sold their Bungalow we got a higher price than they had hoped for…

How do we achieve such impressive results?

It’s because we have so many more people registered with us who are looking to buy a Bungalow or Chalet Bungalow.

The buyers registered with a general estate agent, rather than ourselves as Bungalow Specialists, are mainly looking for Houses and Flats, NOT bungalows

The more prospective buyers who view your bungalow, then the more offers are likely to follow.

The more offers you get, the more likely you are to end up with a really good price for your Bungalow.

It’s quite simple… it’s all about the Law of “Supply & Demand.”