Young buyers like to be by the sea…

Young buyers like to be by the sea…

This week it has been reported in much of our nation’s media that a common aspiration amongst our young people is to live by the sea.

Well, surely it’s not just our young people, is it?

In 1992, when my wife Kim and I were planning on starting a new firm of estate agents we discussed that Bournemouth was such a popular retirement area that this should play a major factor on deciding the type of estate agents we wanted to be.

BungalowsWe knew that many people entering the second half of their lives wanted to move to the general Bournemouth area, from say Greater London and many other parts of the UK, and who can blame them.

Most of these people were either retired or approaching retirement. So what type of accommodation would they want when moving from the large house in which perhaps they had brought up their family.

The obvious answer was that they would want a Bungalow!

So this is why, all those years ago, we decided to set up as Bungalow Specialists.

At the time we were the first Bungalow Specialists, and I still like to feel that we are the best, due to the wonderful team of negotiators we have to help our customers in both our Bournemouth and Tuckton offices.

Long may we continue to serve.